Eynesbury Early Education is passionate about delivering the highest quality of care to our community and children. We pride ourselves on ensuring our centres are equipped with the best educational resources that provide our children with exceptional learning opportunities.

Eynesbury Early Education welcomes diversity and celebrates culture of all kinds. Our state of the art facilities allow us to deliver the best curriculum the Early Childhood Industry has to offer.

Our Philosophy

At Eynesbury Early Education, we believe we will develop each child’s sense of Being, Belonging and Becoming, ensuring that we cover the five learning outcomes:

  • children have a strong sense of identity;
  • children are connected with and contribute to their world; • children have a strong sense of well being;
  • children are confident and involved learners; and
  • children are effective communicators

Your child is unique

We help develop each child’s unique social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills by providing the children with an emergent curriculum. By developing the program in an on-going manner, as questions
and interests arise learning is enhanced. As professional educators we document stories of learning as well as use a range of other documentation tools to gain a holistic view of the child which is documented in their individual portfolios.

Our ‘Get Up And Grow’ Nutritional (Chef prepared) meals

We provide a nutritiously balanced menu that allows children the opportunity to try new foods and experience a wide range of cultural meals (e.g halal or kosher) and self select food of their choice.
Our menus are developed using the ‘Get Up and Grow’ guidelines

to ensure all children are provided with 50% of the recommended daily intake of nutrients. We believe in providing calm, progressive mealtimes allowing children the opportunity to converse and enjoy the company of others while eating.

Industry Leaders in Childcare

We aim to be leaders in the industry working towards high quality indicators of the National Quality Standards and working in conjunction with the Early Years Learning Framework. We have developed our
own values based on our core beliefs which are reflected in our daily practices. We also source and attend regular professional development training to keep up to date with industry changes and best practice.

In conclusion we aim to provide a personal, happy, family atmosphere where parents, community members and organisations will feel welcome and encouraged to participate whenever possible to bridge the gap between home, the centre and the community.

Our commitment to sustainability

We promote sustainability by considering environmental issues
such as conservation of water and recycling. Educators and children consider alternative uses for materials rather than discarding them.

Our Vision

Eynesbury Early Education Centres are committed to creating an environment that promotes:

  • Educational and care programs that support the learning journey of the whole child, academically, socially and emotionally

  • An integrated kindergarten program

  • Play and interest based learning, which is guided by intentional teaching

  • Flexible indoor/outdoor programs

  • Aesthetically pleasing play areas enhanced by features from the natural world

  • Family and community involvement, participation and valued input

  • Environmental education of the world around us

  • Inclusion and acceptance

  • Nutritious meals prepared by a qualified chef

Eynesbury Early Education is also committed to:

  • Only employing qualified, passionate and dedicated Educators that are devoted to our children, centre and industry

  • Catering for all children and their individual needs