As an early childhood service in the Eynesbury community, we are extremely passionate about getting out and into the community on a regular basis.

You will often find our children all the way from nursery up to kindergarten, walking in and exploring the beautiful environment that surrounds our service, with their educators. Younger children are taken out in prams for safety and older children are provided with strict guidelines to ensure that wherever we go, we are safe.

Our kinder children participate in Bush Kinder weekly. Bush Kinder involves the children getting out into the environment and finding natural areas and resources that they can explore and also bring back to the service to learn about and engage with. We also teach our children from a very young age to care about our planet, so you may also find our children picking up rubbish and disposing of it correctly. This is our way of helping keep the Eynesbury community looking beautiful and remaining a safe place for our animals to live in.

Our kinder children also regularly visit our local retirement village, where they spend time with residents. Together they share stories, participate in activities, sing songs and have many laughs. Both participants young and old absolutely love spending time together and are able to learn so much from one another.

Our local library is close by to our service which allows us to visit and participate in story time throughout the year.

We also love having people from our community visit our service. We have monthly haircuts that are available to children by one of our beautiful parents whose children attend our service. We have weekly music and movement classes run by an external company. We also have the dental van visit our service twice a year to check up on our children’s teeth and make sure they are being looked after.

Throughout the year we also organise a range of extra incursions and excursions that are offered to our children for no cost.

This may include visits to the Melbourne Zoo, our local hospital or Bunnings. The list goes on!